Revive Renew Mayo 2022

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Revive Renew Camino 2022


Number of days
5 days walking, booked as a 7 night package.
Because 2022 has been extended as a Holy Year of St. James, the Camino will be busy, including the
people who wanted to do it the last 18 months but couldn’t, so in order to guarantee the
accommodation set out below, we need to book quickly, and would need a E200pp non-refunable if
you cancel.
This is the most popular section of the Camino, walking approximately 115km from Sarria, a little
more than the 100km required to allow you to collect your Compostela in Santiago.
The level of difficulty is moderate – the rolling hills in this part of Galicia are similar in many respects
to the Irish countryside


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What is included
Accommodation has been upgraded to 4 * where available, all towns do not have this option,
outside of accom listed below, we will be staying 3*
• 7 nights’ accommodation in ensuite rooms on a B&B basis ). We choose our
accommodations to give you the best value while still maintaining high standards.
• Private transfer from Santiago airport to Sarria.
• Daily motivation pre trekking departure from Jocelyn, and encouragement and advice on
journaling, present all day on hike for life coaching sessions.
• Bob present on hike all day as a paramedic, and help in guidance to destination, and
welcoming everyone at each day’s destination, to direct them to the accommodation.
• 24hr assistance, because we are right there with you, every step of the Way.
• Our experience from 3 Caminos walked.
• Bag transfer each day.
• Pilgrim Passport – we use those issued by Camino Society Ireland – the only officiallyrecognised Irish pilgrim passport.
• Detailed walking notes for each stage, as well as ongoing advice and 24/7 emergency phone
• The security provided from booking with a licensed and bonded travel agency.
• 2 hikes free from Revive Renew Hikes at any date from when booked.
• 1 dedicated hike , for the group travelling, 2 weeks prior to the Camino, for meet and greet,
and motivational talk from Jocelyn.
• Final evening dinner for the group in Santiago, to recap and discuss tour trip. Location to be
• For groups – we can provide you with access to our Direct Payment System (DPS) – life made
easier for both the organiser and the group members!
• Optional extra: Premier Plus travel insurance – the highest level of cover provided by Blue
Insurance, Ireland’s largest travel insurance provider. (€25 pp/week, subject to terms and

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