The Royal Canal ReVive ReNew Trek and Cruise

A Mindful Adventure along the Banks of the Royal Canal

Christmas date here now!

December 5th @ 09.15a.m.

If you are looking for a different wellbeing experience, this event is FOR YOU. It is something very special and will remain with you forever.

Revive Renew Trek and Cruise will take you on a mindful adventure (14km) from Castleknock, Dublin all the way to Leixlip Louisa Bridge, Co. Kildare., along the banks of the Royal Canal. Some fitness levels required for this event.

At our Destination at Leixlip, after we trekked powerfully all the way from the Twelfth Lock, we will hop on board the stunning Royal Canal Barge to join our Skipper Jenny for our fantastic slow Cruise back to Castleknock, where our adventure began. Stretching those legs and kicking back, you will soon settle into the calmness of the canal and the stunning nature surroundings. The simplicity of it all will take your breath away.

To help refuel our bodies and our minds after our full chat trek, a gorgeous nutritious lunch will be provided by @bowleshealthyeating. This will definitely spark up the brain to get you ready for your motivational talk with myself, Jocelyn and tips on how to follow your Pillars of Wellbeing. This short group Life Coaching session will guide you towards living your best life.

You will receive a Wellbeing Revive Renew canvas bag to take home with you, plus your Pillars of Wellbeing Pack to help you keep mindful and open to your new balanced lifestyle you want to achieve going forward or enhance on how you already live.

Cruising along the Royal Canal on the most beautiful quaint barge is a wellbeing experience you will always hold close to you. A Small intimate group is the perfect way to quiet the mind and find your inner peace in the heart of nature.

Revive Renew Trek & Cruise hits all the senses, mind, body and spirit. This event will zone in on your mind-set and nourish your mental health, while raising your heartrate and kicking off your endorphins. What a great way to feel alive. What a great way to spend your day. What a great way to surround yourself with likeminded people. What a great way to invest in YOU.


Christmas date here now!

December 5th @ 09.15a.m.

What an incredible way to kickstart our series of Trek and Cruise Events.

The sun was shining and what a fantastic group of women to be surrounded by.

If you feel you would love to move more and experience the royal canal in a luxury environment.

This event is for you.




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