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About ReVive ReNew

About Jocelyn & ReVive ReNew

I hit forty.  over a decade ago now, and at that stage I really felt I needed a change in my life. Working in the retail industry and being a DJ every weekend (yes, I pumped the tunes for nearly 20 years) but it was all starting to take its toll on my Life Balance and Quality of my Life as I was getting older. Late nights working, drinking and eating way too much crap was playing havoc with my body, mind and life decisions. Things had to change but I really wanted a change.

I had an idea of how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to bring into my life. For me this was a game changer, I needed to make a big switch in my life, be brave and go for it.

What was the worst that could have happened? Take a read of my journey so far

College and Work

Deciding to go back to college at 40 and planning a brand-new lifestyle and career in Personal Training, Fitness, Health and Nutrition guidance had me feeling extremely anxious.

I was throwing myself into an industry that is very competitive and at an age a lot older than my college class mates, this was something that I knew I had to give a 100% and do the best I possibly could but also enjoy the process at the same time.

So, I got stuck into a lot of hard work and studying, also keeping the DJ gigs going to pay the bills (this was something I was grateful for, still having some sort of income) It was tough going, all week in college and studying, working in the clubs every weekend. In school, years before, I wasn’t academic, I didn’t enjoy school and absorbing information didn’t come easy. It still doesn’t, but now I love filling my brain up with everything I have passion for, think that’s the trick. Find what you love.

After qualifying from College, it took approx. six months to figure out what direction I wanted to go in.

Making a decision to further my education I spent the next six months to a year doing ADD ON courses.

Kettlebell, TRX, Nutrition workshops and seminars, Strength and Conditioning, Pre and Post Natal Courses, all this before I figured out what direction I wanted to go in.

Anything that could give me the skills to be the best I possibly could and have the best tools for my future clients.

Eventually, I landed myself a job as a personal trainer in a small studio gym in Raheny Dublin, where I began to settle into the industry and try figure out what type of trainer I really wanted to be.

For me, it was always about the client from the word go. Money came second, passion came first. Today it is still the same, although I have a better relationship with money these days, I worked on that core value 🙂

Self -Worth

Its incredible how your life can change in all areas when you feel happy, fulfilled and living your best self.

This journey was bringing me on an adventure of self-discovery as well as changing other people’s lives.

I was embracing it all and learning myself worth.

I was opening up to new possibilities and being brave to take on new opportunities.

One major opportunity came my way when I least expected it, Bob, my now husband popped into my work place and my life and I let down my walls and welcomed him in. (read more about how we met and letting my barriers down in my blog posts About Me)

We were married two years after we met and I know for sure if I didn’t take the path of self-discovery and find my passion first, I wouldn’t have met Bob, I wouldn’t have let him into my life.

Everything comes from within, when you give yourself that care and love, magical things can happen in your life.

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JM Fitness     

After two years working at the gym in Raheny and so grateful for the time I had there to grow my skills and build up a client base, I was feeling the need to expand a bit more, my dream now was to have my own studio gym and the opportunity came my way in a super location in Fairview Dublin. I jump all over it and that is where the I blossomed, and opened myself up to so much more possibilities in my life.

JMFITNESS was born and I was ready to rock.

Setting up in Fairview, I would have the most amazing five years of running my own business and meeting the most incredible people who knocked on my door, stepped into my studio gym and some who have now become close friends. I was so thankful to clients who came with me from Raheny to Fairview and have joined me on this journey until I had to close the doors on JMFitness in March 2020 when Covid 19 hit.

I feel so blessed of what I achieved and how much heart and soul was put into JM FITNESS, now it was time for the next chapter.

Life Coaching, ReVive ReNew

2017 I qualified as a Life Coach in Executive and Life Coaching and received a Diploma for all my hard work. A new journey of Self Discovery and opening up a whole new skill to bring to my clients, which was very exciting, but I didn’t realize or even imagine by doing this course where it would actually bring me in my life.

It was an amazing transition into where I also wanted to go and bring my business and who I have become.

By now I knew exactly what type of coach I wanted to be and becoming a Life Coach had so much benefits for my work and working towards a lifestyle brand.

Health and fitness have always been my Secret Weapon and that is never going to change, when you feel good physically, you feel good mentally, you can change your world around.

Working closely with clients over the years I realized there can be so much more going on inside that can hold you back from your goals.

Providing further tools to help clients reach their goals was a no brainer for me.

Life Coaching was the next piece to my puzzle 

REVIVE RENEW came alive. This has been such an incredible journey in life, in business, in love for myself and for others, and now rebranding my business due to changes that were out of all our hands, it feels like this is everything is exactly where it is meant to be. In my fifties now, I feel I am really starting to come alive in my life, how incredible and exciting it all feels. All I did was, put time and effort into self-caring, physically and mentally.

Where has it all taking me….. 

I have always had the love for the great outdoors since I have been working on myself over a decade ago and at times I have to pinch myself when I look at where Revie Renew the business is now. Zoning in on mental health has always been my priority when it has come to myself and my clients, how you feel can be a game changer for you and what better way to help others feel their utmost best self that out in the great outdoors. Our monthly hikes are a sure way of setting you up in mind, body and soul. Add a takeaway lunch and you are instantly rejuvenated. (check out our wellbeing hikes on the website)

All our events, retreats (Ireland and abroad) and hiking events offer motivational, life coaching chats and guidance. I am here for you to load off, if you stuck in any areas of your life, run it by me, I am always ready to help.  But we went a step further, read on.

Camino de Santiago – We, collectively, have been experiencing the Spanish Camino Way since 2013, together taking the journey of 550km on our Honeymoon in 2016.

Now to date and our 3rd year bringing groups on this very exciting, life changing adventures is something that we cherish and feel alive doing. Have a read of our Camino Experiences 

My Events, Retreats, Hikes, Camino and Coaching and now Spiritual guidance will help you to Press that Reset Button and Design the Life you truly deserve. Offering You Guidance to bring you out of your comfort zone and really open yourself up to a Growth Mind-set that will change your life forever. There is No such thing as I can’t, you can.

AND…….It’s not over yet

My next step into my 50’s. Yes I am now over a decade on this new journey.  I feel an awakening is happening.

I have furthered my education towards my Spiritual side. While over a decade working on my physical, I am moving forward, yet again.

Education and study is a life gift that can only enhance your whole being. This is why I have put my energy and time into Reiki Healing / Rihanni Healing

Everything is connected, body, mind and soul and if you feel you want more in life, you can tap into all areas.

If you believe you will achieve.

Would you like to find out more what REVIVE RENEW has to offer and to Design the Life you want to live?

Take a journey through my Website, then Press the Button, Get in Contact, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about my life journey. It would be such a pleasure to have you on board.

All the hugs,

Jocelyn x

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