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Did you ever just look at yourself one day and say I need to snap out of and change my lifestyle. That is exactly what I did. I was working in retail for many many years and felt I could give so much more to my life. Not that retail is a bad career choice, you certainly work for your wages, But I had been doing it for so long and felt burnt out (missed the discounts and all the gorgeous designer shoes and bags that’s for sure)  I was ready to move on. At the same time as working in retail, I worked as a DJ in Dublin’s pubs and clubs, every weekend. I had started DJ’ing in my twenties (fell into that opportunity) it was a time of my life that I am so grateful for as it was a very exciting and cool way to be earning really good money. So I left retail, cried the whole day leaving, saying I will be back, scared shitless but I never looked back. My future mind-set taught me, always look forward. I held onto my DJ gigs to pay my bills and of I went on my new adventure.


Deciding to go back to college and planning a brand-new lifestyle and career in Personal Training, Fitness, Health and Nutrition guidance had me feeling extremely anxious. I was throwing myself into an industry that is very competitive and at an age a lot older than my college class mates, this was something that I knew I had to give a 100% and do the best I possibly could but also enjoy the process at the same time.

My first day in college I got the very strange feeling that I was being out numbered. It turned out, I was the only female in a class of 25-30 Lads. Now this could have gone two ways, run out the door, leaving all the male testosterone safely at their desks or go for it, stay and work my arse off. I did the latter, I stayed and really upped my game. In the end it was the best decision, I knuckled down and made sure I was never last in the class at anything. It served me well and I qualified with great results. Plus had some great laughs with all the lads. I was like their big sis, remember I’m forty and they are all in their twenty’s max thirty.

After qualifying from College, it took approx. six months to figure out what direction I wanted to go in. Making a decision to further my education I spent the next year doing ADD ON courses. Kettlebell, TRX, Nutrition workshops, Strength and Conditioning, Pre and Post Natal Course. Anything that could give me the skills to be the best I possibly could and have the best tools for my future clients.

Eventually, I landed myself a job as a personal trainer in a small studio gym in Raheny, where I began to settle into the industry and try figure out what type of trainer I really wanted to be. For me, it was always about the client from the word go. Money came second, passion came first. I loved working with people, at that stage I would have done it for nothing, I was so grateful and delighted I was now in the industry helping others to feel good. Although at that time it was all about beasting sessions, which wasn’t my cup of tea but I was still trying to figure it all out.

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Its incredible how your life can change in all areas when you feel happy, fulfilled and living your best self. This journey was bringing me on an adventure of self-discovery as well as changing other people’s lives. I was embracing it all and learning my self-worth. I was opening up to new possibilities and being brave to take on new opportunities. I had realized that over the years in my twenties and thirties I wasn’t very kind to ME. Only when your out of situations you can see clearly. I had let things slide with people and situations which looking back now and because of who I am at this point I would never let that stuff happen in my forties I had been in toxic relationships, I was awful to my body, eating crap, drinking, putting myself through dark times. Then forty came and things started to change, FOR THE BETTER.

This is why I always say to my clients or to anyone I know, you can change your life around at any age. Your WHY has to be so big that no matter what gets in the way you will keep going. You will keep striving towards your goal. My WHY was never big in my thirties because I didn’t care and I didn’t know who I truly wanted to be.  Now I care so much for myself I put myself first always and that’s not a selfish thing because if I am miserable, sick, not energized, exhausted then I am no good to anyone. You have got to protect the captain of the ship or the ship and all its crew and passengers will get lost or sink. It all starts from you. Happiness in your Life starts from You, Wellbeing in your life starts from you. No one else can bring you the joy as much as you bring yourself first. Then you’re ready to share your joy.

One major, huge, amazing opportunity came my way when I least expected it. Real Love Showed Up. Bob joined the gym I was working in, and this was very serendipitous, as it changed my life, and his for the better.

( I will add this little story as it shows how amazing  the universe works and if your feeling good from within you can truly open yourself up more in life and welcome new opportunities and possibilities)

My close friend had been talking about being at a gig the previous week with her now husband and his friend Bob. She mentioned he was so lovely and would be a gorgeous person for me to be around. Of course my hackles went up and the wall stood tall, I hated the thoughts of getting “set up” so I shut that one down fairly quickly. BUT the universe had other plans. It turned out of all the gyms in Dublin Bob signed up to the one I was in that week, of course my friend said when she found out IT WAS A SIGN ha ha. Maybe it was. So I met Bob at the gym and we got to know one another over the few months, chit chatting, him signing up for my classes, me making sure I beast him out of it, I’m known to kick ass occasionally.  First date was very casual, just hanging out, no big deal at a movie at the Light house Cinema (where a couple of years later he would propose, with a private short movie of all our memories and fav song) I know, he is a romantic soul.  Things seem to move very quickly from there, but when you know you know and for me the most important thing I learned as I got older,  I knew exactly what I didn’t want  in my life and the people who I surrounded myself with.  So I let down my walls and welcomed him in because it felt so right and natural to do so. It was all very easy, no drama and full of respect for each other. It was the start of something very special. We were married two years after we met and I know for sure, if I hadn’t of found who I really was, I wouldn’t have found  Bob, my rock, my someone to lean on, because if you don’t love YOU how do you expect to love anyone else. Now we are proud parents of Sadie Basset who we rescued, serendipity for us all. Dig deep into who you truly want to be and let the magic happen.

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After two years working in Raheny, I was getting itchy feet and my Dreams was starting to grow, my life vision was changing. I had built up a large clientele and I was ready to set the spark a light again and look for my own premises. JMFITNESS was born. Setting up in Fairview I would have the most amazing five years of running my own gym and meeting the most incredible clients, some who followed me from Raheny some who are now lifelong friends. I feel so blessed of what I achieved and how much heart and soul was put into JMFITNESS. It has helped me grow into who I am today. My time at JMFitness taught me that no matter what happens in your life, if you stay strong in your Body, keeping strong and healthy you can achieve anything. Exercise for me was and is my secret weapon because you are putting yourself first to be the best for others. That’s a gift you can’t knock.



2017 I qualified as a Life Coach and received Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching, which I am so proud of. A new journey of Self Discovery and opening up a new life skill that I could bring to my clients and offer empowering tools to help others enhance their lives.  It was an amazing transition into where I also wanted to go and bring my business. It was incredible for me to learn more about who I was, what my values were and what are my beliefs. I never knew any of these few years ago. I know have a greater relationship with myself, love, career, money, relationships with others and stronger in my boundaries. I needed my boundary values in my thirties would have saved me some heart ache. But it has all brought me to where I am today, better late than never.

Life Coaching for me is the last piece of the puzzle as to where my Career is going. I have plenty of more ambitions to achieve, goals to set and doors to open wide. Heading into my fifties I cannot wait to see what the future brings and the adventures myself Bob and Sadie will be on, and everyone I am going to meet along the way. For years I lied about my age, looked at getting older as a hindrance. Now I am so grateful I have got to where I am today, nearly another decade older and full gratitude I am healthy and well. We must embrace who we are now, live the life we dream of, live a life that most days or everyday your happy to jump up full of energy to be alive. Some aren’t so lucky. It’s a Gift that you can unwrap over and over again. Gift of Designing your LIFE. Invest in YOU.

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Jocelyn x