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I am very excited to Welcome you to Revive Renew The Podcast. Bite size episodes that will help you to enhance your life and motivated you at any age.

These episodes are guided towards women heading into their forties and fifties plus, but anyone, of any age can get something out of them if you hop on and give them a listen.

Through life experiences of my own and the tools that have helped me along the way late in life, I promise you that you can enhance or change your life in some way as we evolve.

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Why I have Started a Podcast.

Quick episode into why I started a Podcast and what I have to offer. Enjoy this episode.


This episode is all about me. A little insight to who I am and what I am all about. How I got to here in my life and why at the age of forty I wanted to change it all around.

In this episode I hope I can encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and be open to new opportunities in their lives, that is they need and feel it is time to change.

Enjoy this episode.


In this episode I talk about the destination we want to go in our lives. How we get there and tips on how we can make the ride smoother. We delve into getting to know you, your core values, your belief system and your boundaries. Are you giving your power away?


In this episode I talk all about moving forward and not looking in the rear view mirror. How changing and enhancing your life going forward is about who you choose to have in your life. What changes do you want?

Ep.4 Pillars Of Wellbeing – Physical

This episode is the start of a mini series about your pillars of wellbeing.
For the next 18 minutes you will hear me chat about my Physical Wellness, how it changed my life and how you can feel your strongest in mind and body with a simple changes. You have the power, I’m here to guide a little along the way.

Ep.5 Pillars Of Wellbeing – Emotional

In this episode I talk about our emotional wellbeing, are we tuned in to how we feel and strong enough to face the load we take on. Are we afraid to reach out and ask for help or guidance? Can we be brave enough to reach out and nourish our emotional wellbeing.

Extra Episode Covid Special – 21 Days Later

This Bonus episode is to say a huge thank you to everyone who got me to 1000 downloads in less than four weeks. PLUS how to keep our wellbeing in check in the coming 21 days of lockdown.

Ep.6 Pillars Of Wellbeing – Spiritual & Intellectual

In this episode I throw in two pillars, our spiritual and intellectual wellbeing. Would you love to delve in deeper into your inner you. I talk about how the smallest of activities can create a deeper meaning in your life and finding what works for you can bring a huge sense of spiritual wellbeing.
Also do you feel frustrated, how world is moving so fast. It is important to care for our intellectual wellbeing, especially as we evolve into our fifties plus.

Ep.7 Pillars of Wellbeing – Environment

In this episode I talk about your personal and outer environmental wellbeing. Who we surround ourselves with, what our home life is like, what our work life is like. What we listen to, what we watch. How can we make it all better.

Ep.8 Rituals – To give you freedom to choose

In this episode, I talk about how important Rituals are in your life. Rituals are tools that can give us direction in our lives and a sense of purpose. This bite size episode, the first of two episodes about rituals, is all about Food. Where we eat our food, who we eat our food with, when we eat our food. Tips to help you to live your positive habits / rituals.

Ep.9 Rituals Morning and Evening

Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.
This episode is all about morning and night time rituals to help you live your most energized lifestyle. Tips to help you wake up with a purpose and get the best quality sleep you ever dreamed of. Enjoy waking up each day full of passion.

Ep.10 Opening doors with Gratitude

In this episode I give you the tips on how to open new doors to new opportunities through gratitude. Saying thank you to your past and letting go through being grateful can be so empowering and helps give purpose to your life.

Ep.11 Courage – Get that Chimp off your shoulder

In this episode I delve into Courage. Exposing your fears and feeling vulnerable is about showing up and have the courage to be seen at your most fearful state of mind. The not knowing can bring you a lack of courage and I will give you an exercise to help you dig a little deeper and help you, be brave enough to take control of that chimp on your shoulder.

Ep.12 Be SMART – Excuses Are Bullshit

This episode is all about Goal setting. We need to feel emotional about our goals for them to work and stick. Getting excited about our goals can create motivation and passion in our lives. Goals can help our mental wellbeing and our body health. Goals can bring a new lease of life to each of us and help us all to step into new opportunities and life adventures.

Ep.13 Celebrate Good Times Come On

In this episode I am celebrating my birthday and focus on what age means to each of us.
Are we looking for the fountain of youth? if so it can be found. As we evolve we must celebrate our journey and wisdom. Embracing our age comes with self caring, loving who you are and looking forward to enjoying our wise and wonderful selves.

Ep.14 Let Focus be your Focus

In this episode I delve into dreaming and letting the adventure of life happen even when we feel so uncertain. Motivating you to believe any dream can become a reality if we focus. Self improvement is not an option it is a necessity to help you follow your dreams. Are you ready to dream big?

Ep. 15 Food Glorious Food

What does food mean to you?? In this episode I delve into how food can make us feel and how it plays a major part in our lives through mindset, body health, energies and life motivation. How quickly we can spiral out of control and tips to help manage our nutrition.

Ep.16 Trust Me .. Trust Yourself

There is no one else in your life to trust than yourself. Do you trust yourself completely?
This episode helps you to boost your confidence and decision making through trust.
Are you ready to delve in and trust the most important person in your life? Trust me you’ll be happy you did.

Ep.17 Just Like Dogs, Giving Isn’t Just For Christmas

In this episode I chat all about the act of giving. How beneficial this act of kindness can play a huge part in our wellbeing, transforming your life to a heart of gold. Giving is not only for Christmas. Listen and I hope it will resonate with you. Little life changes from the heart.

Ep.18 20\20 Vision

Welcome to 2021. In this first episode of the new year I take you on a journey of Vision. Using the power of visualization to help make dreams come true can be such an exciting adventure.
Also Recapping on 2020 episodes, this episode will truly set you up for a brand new start.

Ep.19 Lets Get Real About Abs….

In this episode I talk all about the Hollywood body and are Abs what we really want. If so at what cost would you change your life to have them.

Ep.20 Camino Walks… Bob Talks

In this episode I have stepped it up a notch and have recorded my first interview, very excited to bring you a show full of raw truths, motivation and how Camino De Santiago can change your life for the greater. Welcome Bob Leggett aka the Husband to Revive Renew The Podcast

Ep. 21 This Will Test Your Patience…

In this Episode I chat about how bringing patience into your life can open up a whole new way of living. Patience is possible for us all and in this episode I share tips on how to tap into your ability to help you live a life of patience.

Ep 22. Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

It’s not just enough to pamper yourself to reach your self care feelings. Digging a little deeper into why we feel the way we do can bring self care to another level. Are you ready to take hold of the steering wheel? Welcome to episode No.22

Ep. 23 Embrace your Second Spring

In this episode I touch lightly on the subject The Big H…..Hormones, because it is a minefield
Hormones not only effect women but men also. We can all suffer at some stage in our lives when it comes to hormones, mentally and physically. So here are a few tips to help you take control and try make life a little easier.

Ep. 24 Wear Your Scars Like Diamonds

In this episode I talk about living with a scar and how it has played a huge part in my life physically and mentally. Scars are like stories of bravery and courage. Do You have a scar? What’s your story?

Ep.25 Weight Loss – A Journey Not A Sprint

Welcome to episode No.25 and in this episode I chat all about changing your mindset to lose weight. What is the Big Secret to weight loss??? Is there one? Your life journey has molded you to who you are today. Is there room to change your mindset?

Ep.26 March the hardest month of my life – Interview with Janice Rice Byrne

In this episode I chat to Janice about losing her husband, Andy, to cancer in a matter of 2 weeks of been diagnosed. 41 years old at the time Andy was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Here’s part of Janice’s story of their journey in 2019 and dealing with grief as Andy’s 2nd anniversary is upon her and her family.

Ep. 27 Can You Create Your Own Magic?

In this episode I talk all about Magic. How would you like to dazzle your life and bring some magical experiences into the life you lead? We can all do it from today. Take a listen and find out how.

Ep. 28 Are You Ruining Your Life By Overthinking

In this episode I talk all about Overthinking. Are you an over thinker? Do you give power to your thoughts? Would you love a calmer mind? Take a listen.

Ep.29 Music is what feelings sound like

In this episode I talk about how Music can bring us to a place of deep memory, or an explosive expression of energy and can touch each of us emotionally. I also share how music had a huge impact in my life and how a single song or melody can have incredible power.

Ep.30 Bloating, fatigue, weight gain, sleepless nights & poo – Interview with Humblegut

In this episode I am delighted to chat to Terrie aka HumbleGut, all about how important gut health is for our physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing. Why we feel bloated, why we can feel discomfort and tips on how to look after our Gut health. We even talk about Poo.

Ep.31 Metabolism – there is no magic potion

In this episode I chat all about our metabolism, what is it, how does our metabolism effect us and of course there is no easy way to lose weight but we can take control and start making our metabolism work for us. The hardest part is getting our minds into shape.

Ep.32 Happiness Chemicals… Who wants them?

In this episode I’m talking about Happiness Chemicals. Yes, thinking happy thoughts can change our mood, but physically making a conscience decision to increase these chemicals can be life changing. Are you ready to enhance your Happiness?

Ep.33 Self-Discipline, if we don’t do it, the world will do it for us.

In this episode I talk all about self control and being in charge of the direction we go in life.
Self Discipline is the one trait we need to be successful in, so we can make many areas in our lives work for us. How disciplined are you?

Ep.34 My Hair loss & Self esteem… interview with Michelle 0 Sullivan

In this episode I am chatting to the inspirational Michelle O Sullivan. As a woman losing your hair is detrimental for your wellbeing and self confidence, Michelle has turned it around by embracing this life change with amazing Wigs. Over 20 years in the beauty industry, I am very excited for you to hear her story of her hair loss, self esteem and how to still feel your glowing self.

Ep.35 Find your bodies love notes

In this episode I talk about finding your inner peace, finding your way of meditation.
The secret to living well and maybe longer is to eat half, walk double, laugh triple and pause without measure. Enjoy.

Ep.36 Toxic Positivity – is there such a thing?

In this episode I talk all about a topic that has popped up a lot recently, Toxic Positivity.
Is it really a thing and are we not allowed to be too positive or share positivity to others?
Enjoy this episode and hear why I am struggling with this topic.

Ep.37 Lets get Heart Smart

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. In this episode I talk about how to get HEART SMART, looking after the most important muscle we have and taking steps to keep it strong and pumping even through tough times.

Ep.38 The time I missed with my new born, PNA – interview Julie Reynolds

In this episode I interview the very brave and honest friend of mine, Julie, she shares her story of how her first couple of months with her new baby boy should have been very different to how it was. Strong, independent, career driven woman, Julie didn’t see post natal anxiety coming and it hit hard. She is here to open up about her journey in the hope it might help others reach out and talk.

Ep.39 Keep the Emotional Vampires from your door.

In this episode I talk all about people in your life that can suck the life out of you, leave you feeling deflated, upset and emotionally drained. Never dull your sunshine for anyone else.
Do you have Vampires in your life?

Ep.40 The HYGGE Way, could you live it?

In this episode I talk all about The little book of Hygge (hooga) and how, by living the Hygge Way, you can make your life more comfortable and bring some simplicity into your environment. I hope this episode for you will be like a big aul Hug and full of coziness.

Ep.41 Think outside / No Box required

In this episode I talk all about how nature is a stress killer and how being always switched ON can rob you of your life. The Great Outdoors has so many benefits to our mental health and I list but a few in this episode. We are excited to get back hiking and trekking and we want YOU to jump on board.

Ep.42 Let’s be Glow – Getters with Sarah Jane

In this episode I welcome Sarah Jane, a beauty skin expert for over 20 years as my guest to share the mic with me and chat all about looking after our skin as we evolve into peri-meno and menopause stages of our lives. Did you know, we need to change our skin routines every five years? Enjoy our chats and laughs about our second spring.

Ep.43 The Winner takes it all

In this episode I talk all about how to be a winner in life. Live your life with no regrets, and focusing on the journey rather than the destination. A winning mindset is all about pushing boundaries and the harder the win the sweater the taste. You ready to win?

Ep.44 Quiet that voice of doubt inside you

In this episode I talk all about self confidence and self esteem. What you think of yourself and what you think others think about you. We are not born with high self esteem or confidence, we build on it through preparation on ourselves. Working and building on our beliefs.

Ep.45 Remember if you don’t ask, you don’t get

In this episode I talk all about why many of us shy away, ASKING for help, or asking for something that might enhance of lives, or a promotion, or even a question. I will give you some motivation on how to be more assertive and not feel afraid. Asking is not a sign of weakness, it can make an YOU more powerful.

Ep.46 The Scales, why we give it so much Power?

In this episode (as requested) I chat about how the numbers on the scales can bring shame into your life and how it cannot measure the REAL YOU, your worth, your efforts, your strengths. Why do we give so much Power away to the Scales???

Ep.47 Anxiety, trauma to my body….Interview with Bernie Hanna

In this episode I chat to my guest Bernie about her journey of her extreme anxiety in her late thirties. Living in fear each day for nearly three years, the fear of losing everyone she loved around her, the fear of stepping outside her house and the trauma it all had on her mind, body and soul. Anxiety never leaves you, you learn the steps to cope.

Ep.48 To drink or not to drink? that is the question

In this episode I talk all about Alcohol and how different it can effect us as we age. How different it can make us feel in our head space and the effects it may have on our bodies. To drink or not to drink? How can we get the right balance? Plus announcing Revive Renew the podcast has sponsorship. Take a listen, these guys may bring you the balance your looking for.
check out website

Ep. Meno Belly, how to prepare and reduce.

In this episode I am talking about how it is harder to shift the fat around the belly area, especially heading into the change of our lives. What little changes we can do NOW to help feel better, less bloated, less fatigued as we transition into our new journey. Taking steps early might prepare our mind and body to feel not so out of control.

Ep.50 The Wonder of You

We have hit a milestone, it’s episode number 50, AMAZING and how WONDERFUL.
In this episode I talk all about the Wonder of You, how as we age we can lose the sense of wonder. How can we get it back and feel excited about life as we evolve?
Are you ready to find the wonder of you?

Ep.51 Lost and broken, how I found my piece of Magic – interview Andrea Greene

In this episode I am talking about how it is harder to shift the fat around the belly area, especially heading into the change of our lives. What little changes we can do NOW to help feel better, less bloated, less fatigued as we transition into our new journey. Taking steps early might prepare our mind and body to feel not so out of control.

Ep.52 The Elimination Diet : Blame & Anger

In this episode I talk all about Blame and Anger and how by eliminating these traits from your life, your health, mental health and life can improve. How angry are you? How angry are you at others? Is it time to dig deeper and get a hold on one of life’s greatest enemy.

Ep.53 The best outfit you’ll ever wear is Confidence

In this episode I talk about the confidence in you, The part of you that helps you grow, learn, love and feel brave. The part of you, that by reaching inwards and finding the confidence inside can be the most beautiful thing you will ever wear. We don’t mean pushy or arrogant, we mean a gorgeous trait you can possess .

Ep.54 Great things never come from Comfort Zones

In this episode I’m talking all about the comforts zone we hang onto. It is a beautiful place to be in at times but nothing ever grows there. Are you ready to step out, feel scared, feel alive?
Let’s step so far out of your comfort zone, you forget how to get back.

Ep.55 Do you think love is a two way street?

In this episode I talk all about Love been a two way street. Love is not a one way road and if you find the traffic isn’t going your direction, then it is time to find a better road.

Ep.56 From Banker to Beauty – interview with Claire Walsh

In this episode I am chatting to Claire, a makeup artist who has pushed herself from the corporate industry to the beauty world and running her own online store. Her story is about Change and how it is never too late to find your passion, do what you really love to do and be brave to take steps to live an extra-ordinary life than a mediocre one. Enjoy the chats, giggles and motivation.


In this episode I talk all about MONEY, how we can bring more into our lives and how we value it. The art is not in making money, but keeping it. What’s your relationship with money?
Does it burn a hole in your pocket or have you got the power to be frugal? Change your mindset, change your finances, it all stems down to you.

Ep.58 S.A.D – are you ready to boost your mood?

In this episode I talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder – S.A.D
As we are coming into a new season, darker mornings, longer evenings, how are you feeling?
What are the signs of S.A.D and how can we take hold of this disorder and not accept that’s just how we feel in the winter months. Are you ready to boost your mood this winter?

Ep.59 Does Sorry seem to be the hardest word?

In this episode I talk about the two words that might cause discomfort in saying “I’m Sorry”
Delving into why we might find it so hard to say those two little words.
Saying sorry can be a powerful tool but many of us think it can be a sign of weakness.
How strong are you to step up and say sorry or are you a non believer?

Ep.60 Finding your energy from Zero to Zen – interview with Grace Mc Donagh

In this episode I am chatting to the gorgeous, energetic, motivational Zero to Zen coach Grace. This interview you will get a double whammy of positivity as myself and Grace are massive likeminded people so you will feel our energy and our passion for what we do. Open, honest and full of tips, Grace shares all your favorite ways to tap into feelin from Zero to Zen to help you feel your motivated self. Enjoy.

Ep.61 Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person?

In this episode I talk about how an Optimist sees the Opportunity in every Difficulty and how a Pessimist sees the Difficulty in every Opportunity. Which are you?? Or are you a mix of both in certain areas of your life? Do you complain about the wind or adjust your sails?

Ep.62 The change on our mood swing just snaps

In this episode I am talking all about the Luteal phase of the month. The time of the month where everything can go haywire, the time of the month where we can just snap.
Is there little changes in our lives at this time that can help us regain calmness and self love.
Yes there is….. take a listen to a few tips around this time of the month.

Ep.63 We are all Star Born – interview with Sarah AKA Pale Raven

In this episode I chat to the gorgeous Sarah Herbert about her journey as a bespoke jewellery maker, how each piece makes her feel from start to finish and how one piece can bring so much meaning to another person. Take a listen to how she gets her inspiration and tips for just going for your passion in life.

Ep.64 Serendipity – the art of making happy discoveries

In this episode I am talking all about finding something good, amazing, incredible in life without looking for it. My favorite word Serendipity, has been high in my life the last 10 years, only because I became more aware. Celebrating a new decade, yes I’m 50, this episode is dedicated to everything and everyone who got caught up in my Serendipitous way
Are You Open to bring the magic of Serendipity into Your Life? Enjoy this episode.

Ep.65 Our attitude towards life, determines life’s attitude towards us.

In this episode I talk all about how are attitude to life, what we do, how we think, what we say, how we look at things determines life’s attitude towards us. Also in this episode I share a few questions to help you dig deep and figure out what you attitude towards life looks like.

Ep.66 Beautiful Chaos – are you living on the edge

In this episode I talk about the Edge of Chaos and how how we think, talk and actions we choose can make life that little bit harder. If we can be aware of our identity then we can make a few switches in life to create calmness and become beautiful chaotic. It is never too late to change our mindset.

Ep.67 Dolce far Niente – sweetness of doing nothing

In this final episode of 2021, I chat all about an act that can be very difficult to most of us.
The act of doing nothing. Have you tried to do nothing and not feel bored or guilty?
Should we take a leaf out of the Italian way of life and bring a little sweetness into our lives?
Could dolce far niente be something you can achieve in the new year?

Ep.68 Chats with Tracy – Reduced alcohol, life really began.

Hello 2022 and what better way to kick off a New Year than have a fabulous guest on chatting to us about making changes and enhancing your life. In this episode Tracy from Silktree Botanics shares with us about how reducing alcohol in her life opened so many doors of possibilities for her and her husband. Starting a new business and feeling inspired with a new fresher take on life. Enjoy

Ep.69 Pawprints on our Hearts – Sadie Basset

In this episode I talk about steps to help ease the grief of a pet. This episode is not only for pet owners but for anyone who feels for others loss and heartache, you might want to help but don’t know how. Pawprints have been imprinted on our hearts and I hope this episode can bring comfort to those who need it. Dedicated to Sadie Basset ( 30-12-2021 ) The most difficult part in having a dog is…. saying goodbye.

Ep.70 How much do you sweep under the carpet?

In this episode I chat all about Avoidance. Do you procrastinate? Do you sweep stuff under the carpet? Are you in the habit of putting things on the long finger? Well this episode is for you. I delve into why we do it and motivational tips on how we can change our mindset heading into a new year. Avoidance creates harder work down the line.

Ep.71 The positive power of being alone – do you have the Power?

In this episode I talk all about being happy when you are alone and give you tips on why it is beneficial for your life to spend time alone. Being alone has a Power that very few people can handle. When no one is around, the way you speak to yourself can shape the world around you.

Ep.72 Take the Risk or lose the Chance

In this episode I talk all about Risk Taking and knowing that not all of us will get to the destination we hoped we would arrive at in life, reason may be we were afraid to take the risk.
Life is a series of calculated risks, everything you decide to take on in life has some margin of risk. How do you feel about taking risks? Would you love extra strength to just go for it?

Ep.73 The ability to love yourself can be dangerous

Welcome to the Love episode. In this episode I talk all about the kind of love that awakens the soul, makes us reach for more and plants fire in our hearts. What type of love can that be?? Take a listen and find out. First of a series of episodes about Love. Enjoy x

Ep.74 Are you Disconnected from love?

In this episode I talk all about the disconnection we might have to Love, the love for ourselves especially. Experiencing Numbing Out behaviors can be something we don’t even realize that we are doing. Our goal in life, for most of us is to experience deeper meaningful connections with ourself so we can achieve deeper meaningful connections with others.

Ep.75 Are you Cultural Conditioned when it comes to love?

In this episode I am talking all about sacrificing more in a relationship due to cultural conditioning. Our need for a connection can create denial about a partners behavior and can put doubt on our own perceptions. Are you emotionally challenged? Are you cultural conditioned? Take a listen and find out.

Ep.76 Can you tell if your Heart is open or closed?

In this episode I talk all about Open hearts and Closed hearts and if you think you have a closed heart there are ways to open it up again. Open hearts can be the foundation of a life worth living. The most beautiful things in the world cannot not be seen or heard, but felt with a loving heart. Episode is dedicated to everyone at Glendalough retreat. Hearts truly opened.

Ep.77 Part 1 Zero 2 Zen / Solo travelling

This is part one of a four part mini series with myself and Grace from Zero 2 Zen. In this episode Grace shares her experience and the benefits of solo travelling. Fighting the fear, stepping out of comfort zones, feeling empowered and feeling inspired by your own actions. This high energy episode will take you on a journey of motivation. Are you thinking of flying solo??? Listen in and hear all the reasons why you should go for it.

Ep.78 Why slash all your tyre’s if one is flat – part 2 Zero 2 Zen

In this episode myself and Grace from Zero 2 Zen chat all about Sabotaging. Why we fall off the wagon, why we let our health, fitness, wellbeing slide. Why eating healthy, might not stick.
Listen to all the tips and motivation that can help you to never slash all your tyres.
Hop you enjoy this high energy episode.

Ep.79 You asked and We answered – part 3 with Grace, Zero 2 Zen

In this episode we reached out to listeners to ask them what they wanted to hear. Loads of questions came in and we touched on different subjects that might relate to you. Grace again gave super tips and I shared what I could in this Bite Size episode. Enjoy and hope it motivated you in some way. Remember touch base with us if you need to delve deeper.

Ep.80 How impressed with yourself are you? part 4 – Zero 2 Zen

The final episode of a part four series with Grace from Zero 2 Zen is all about do you impress yourself. We chat about how important it is to feel impressed with yourself. We cover tips on how not to feel guilty when you put you first and the HAVE TO mindset Verses the GET TO mindset. PLUSWE ARE CELEBRATING 80 EPISODES, so open the champagne and take a listen.

Episode 81 Fake it till you Make it – is it right for you?

In this episode I talk all about Faking it till we Make it and how sometimes this mind frame can play havoc with your mental wellbeing. I share tips some tips on how we can bring Fake it till we make it into our lives in a positive way, avoiding the dreaded Impostor Syndrome.
Have you ever faked it till you made it?

Ep.82 You cannot be everything to everyone

In this episode I chat all about people pleasing and give examples on what people pleasing might look like. Do you give all the time and sacrifice you? I share some tips on how to say no and not feel guilty about it.

Ep.83 Fight or Flight Mode – is it holding you back?

In this episode I talk all about that panic feeling you get in your gut, your chest, your mind. Pushing outside the box can cause such an uncomfortable feeling and if we give it all the power and push it down, ignore it, give in to it, we might miss some magical moments in our lives. Enjoy some tips I share and experiences I have overcome by using some simple tips and reframing the mindset.

Ep.84 We don’t have to suffer – The Meno Plan with Humblegut

In this episode Terrie from Humblegut joins me on the mic to share her expertise and tips on how we can help reduce the hardships when it comes to Peri and Meno pause. It is all about making a Plan, The Meno Plan and making different life choices to help us live without too many hormone struggles. Are you ready for this Big Bite episode? Are you ready to make a Meno Plan?

Ep.85 Revive Renew Camino 2022 grabbed a part of our Hearts

In this exciting episode, I am talking all about our first Revive Renew Group Camino. 5 days walking, 2 days in Santiago, something changed in each and everyone of us. The magic of walking the way is something that everyone should experience. It can change your life.
In this episode I share our groups stories, little nuggets of information about the Camino way itself and how taking time to put one foot in front of the other can be done hassle free with Revive Renew Camino.

Ep.86 Paint yourself a different color

In this episode I talk all about feeling the Blues. Do you ever feel you have a dark cloud over your head and your not sure how you really feel? The duration of feeling the Blues can be short, be those feelings can effect your general wellbeing. Take a listen to a few tips to help you paint yourself a different color.

Ep.87 Mentality Monster – are you ready to unleash the beast?

In this episode I talk about Mentality Monsters. What is it? Would you like to have a piece of it and how to bring this mentality into your every day life. It is fueled by willingness to take bold risks, attempt what might seem impossible to you and not let fear get in the way. Are you ready to unleash the beast?

Ep.88 Keep Calm and Carry On – this is your power.

In this episode I talk all about the super power of Calmness. Once you learn to remain calm under any stressful circumstances, you will have no trouble remaining calm in the stresses of life. As a calm superhero, you choose to listen to your own inner guidance over everything else. Keep your mind clear and your heart at peace. Watch your Power begin.

Ep.89 Rudeness is a weak Imitation of Strength

A person is never rude except on purpose – In this episode I talk all about rudeness and how there is a massive difference in expressing your opinion and being out right Rude. Behaviors can reflect the life we are living, how we feel, think and act. Lets get to the root cause and figure why rudeness can raise its ugly head.

Ep.90 Don’t let anyone Gaslight your Soul

In this episode I am talking all about Gaslighting. Gaslighting is mind control to make victims doubt their reality. Confuse you, disempower you, intimidate you, for all purposes of control.
Sometimes a person doesn’t know they are doing it or its been done on them. You can even Gaslight yourself, listen in and discover the 6 examples of Gaslighting and much more.

Ep.91 Test is Best – finding out what’s really going on

In this episode I chat all about discoveries that were made while I was checking my hormones Test is Best, what is are the chances your spot on if you keep guessing what is going on with your body. Precaution is just as good as cure, sometimes even better. As we move into new decades how are you feeling? would you like to get some answers as to why we feel the way we do? Enjoy this episode.

Ep.92 Authenticity is the courage to be yourself

In this episode I talk all about authenticity and how being your true authentic self is the ultimate secret to happiness. To be authentic we need to accept ourselves for who we truly are and know what our best version is and how it feels. In this episode I share 8 signs of an authentic self. Will you relate to any?

Ep.93 Are you Hurting your Relationship without even knowing?

In this episode I share content that might be hurting your relationships. School is out for summer and this can be a tough time to try juggle everything. Many bumps in the road can appear in every relationship but somethings you might be doing on a daily basis can cause distress, resentment if overlooked. Are you ready to find out if you relate to this episode in some way?

Ep.94 Some people take a lifetime to learn

In this episode I chat about things that might take a lifetime to learn. I chose segments from a list I read, shared from a famous entrepreneur. We cannot resent the life we have created for ourselves, who’s to blame. who’s to credit, but us. Take a listen and hope this episode relates to you.

Ep.95 Are your shopping sprees ruled by your emotions?

In this episode I talk about shopping emotionally, do you have emotional triggers that effect what you buy? The role emotions play(at the time of purchasing) cant be ignored. Are your transactions ruled by your emotions? Do you even realize? Would you love your power back?

Ep.96 Are you ready to ditch the Fat Loss Mindset

In this episode I talk about how for years now we are so focused on Fat loss when it comes to looking good that we forget how to live healthy. As we evolve in life and our bodies change there comes a time when focusing on our health has to become our priority. Our health from the inside out is an investment not an expense. Are you ready to lose the Fat Loss Mindset?

Ep.97 Are you Ambivert? – a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

In this episode I focus on personality’s, are you an introvert, extrovert or a mix of everything.
As we move through stages of our lives our energies change, personality traits can change and for many of us our genes play a roll in how we look on the world. So do you want to find out if your Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert? Take a listen to this episode and star ticking of some of the boxes.

Ep.98 Are you Black or White or a glorious shade of Grey?

In this episode I am talking all about those Unhelpful and Unhealthy thoughts we might have that create chaos in our lives. I share three types of thought patterns that are very common in most people and little helpful nuggets to try keep the nasties away from our doorstep. Are your thoughts Black, White or magic color Grey. Change your thoughts, change your world.

Ep.99 How to bring the Fun back.

In this episode I talk all about how Fun can change as we evolve. Our personal Fun might look a little different now than it did ten years ago , or we might realize that fun is non existent in our lives. I share what brings me fulfilling fun in my 50’s and ask the question, What Fun Means To You? How to bring the fun back.

Ep.100 The Word Warrior – the chats with Ger Devine

In my 100th episode I chat, laugh, gasp at the true tales my guest, Mr. Ger Divine shares with me on Revive Renew The Podcast. From fighting the fear due to dyslexia, doing stand up comedy, walking 1000km Camino de Santiago in a tailored suit, life as a fire fighter and now, moving strongly towards his passion, poetry, this episode is full honesty, passion, inspiration and so much fun. What a way to celebrate 100th – Your going to love it, he truly a Warrior of Words.

Ep.101 Flip the Switch – Health v Diet

In this episode I talk about flipping the mindset switch on DIETS. Sharing some of the 90s fad diets that some of us still cling onto and how to try change the way of thinking when it comes to losing weight. As we evolve into our later years, your health is defiantly your wealth and is it time we all focused more on the inside rather than what we look like on the outside. You up for the challenge?

Ep.102 Karma has no Menu – You get served what you deserve

In this nugget of an episode, I talk all about how you can see from your life if you are receiving good or bad Karma. What goes around, comes around and if we are lucky we can use Karma to our advantage. Like everything in life it is never too late to turn things around. Nothing happens by chance, you create your own faith.

Ep.103 Anniversary Episode – 10 tips that require zero talent for success

Yes, we are two years old – let’s celebrate whoo hoo. In this episode I share tips that require zero talent but can enhance our lives and fill them full off success. Your life is your most important journey, so let’s make the rest of your life the best of your life. Use all of these tips or some of them, make life work for you. Enjoy

Ep.104 Most of my life I was in survival mode – Sue from Thrive Project

In this episode I am joined on the mic with Sue from Thrive Project and what an episode it is. Full of raw truths, honesty, bravery and tons of motivation, this episode will for sure inspire and motivate you, that you can do anything you set your mind to.
“Most of my life I was in survival mode and my breakdown was my biggest gift” learning how she was dyslexic played a huge part in her strive for life. Take a listen to her journey from being told she would amount to nothing, to getting a degree and now helping teens and adults as a coach with multiple skills. Enjoy

Ep.105 The Bravest Warriors know how to Retreat

In this episode I am still buzzing from our retreat in Mayo 2022, and this episode is dedicated to all involved. I chat about when you give a Retreat a chance, you’ll be amazed what you get back. The word Retreat means withdrawing and if you feel stuck in your life maybe it is time to withdraw from your every day and spend time with you. I chat about the differences a sun holiday and a wellbeing Retreat has on your mind, body, soul and which one has the longevity impact on your life.

Ep.106 Standing up to a Narcissist – what drives them crazy.

Do you set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm? In this episode I talk all about Narc’s, and the ways to recognize if one, is in your environment, also tips on how you can stand up to a Narcissist in a way that will drive them crazy. I give a list of different traits you might come across and find out if there’s a Narc in you – you might be surprised.

Ep.107 Food Mood Connection – How Hangry are you?

The higher your energy the more efficient the body feels and the more efficient the body feels the better your mood. In this episode I talk all about how our mood is massively affected by the foods we eat. Sharing a list of foods that you can start today to help keep the body and mind happy, fulfilled and nourished. Have you nailed down the foods that make you feel shit or great? You might relate to this episode.